Marketing strategy of tata nano

The car was positively received by the Indian market and helped the company in boosting its revenues driven by the increased number of sales and popularity amongst the general public De Bussy et al, You currently have 0 posts.

Positioning the Tata Nano (A)

We have used 4 Ps of marketing mix to further analyze the different aspects of Nano. Tata had defended its Nano, saying that it would cause less pollution than two wheelers, and instead questioned the moral authority of the people who were opposing middle class people owning a car.

It is not uncommon for cars, especially in the hot weather conditions in India, to have initial safety concerns. The marketing strategies of Tata Nano have been as under: It will be priced close to the Nano.

However, since the car was a product of frugal engineering, analysts were sceptical about the impacts of such a car on the environment. Her most recent writings address these issues in the context of scandal management.

Also the colors and the powerful AC are being positioned as the differentiators along with the classic adage of better fuel efficiency that has helped its sales.

Tata Motors SWOT

For example, the Fiat Palio Style was launched by Tata in, and the companies have an agreement to build a pick-up targeted at Central and South America. This had negative impact on the minds of customers that the car may not be on par with its qualities.

People welcomed it with high pre bookings and initial sales. Whether in case of Swaraj Mazda, they can do customization within 10 days as the range of products is very less. It became the first car to be launched at zero cost of advertising with a huge success.

Some orders were cancelled initially. Hence, most of the team responsible for the marketing was no longer involved. The prices are fixed keeping in mind a number of factors. The Tata Sumo was launched in and the Tata Safari in The sales, distribution and billing of these are looked after by the Company itself.

You do not carry a lot of stock into the new year, because people will want to purchase cars that are produced in the new year.

Should Tata Motors Focus on Retail Expansion or Quality? (TTM)

Sales of the Tata Nano went up dramatically to 5, in December compared to units in November ICICI bank for example initiated a whole campaign to get noticed and spread the word. Tata Motors has appointed Rediffusion for creative content in the Nano campaign.

Marketing Nissan Micra & Tata Nano Using Social Media Case Solution & Answer

It is the leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. The car as a product achieved its stated goals. The Tata Nano will ride on a clutch of innovative marketing ideas when it rolls into showrooms across the country.

Sales were far off the target of cars a month and the Nano plant with an annual capacity of cars kept producing only units a month till March They have not leveraged anything. Dissertation topics international political economy Nano is probably being looked upon as the next big con capuchin trulia business plan.

The channels are being scaled up and tailored to the customers. Cheaper vs Affordable After the several months of disappointing sales of Nano, it became clear by the end of that its cheapest tag has actually shunned its sales.

Place in the marketing mix of Tata Motors — Tata Motors has an extensive dealer network covering Indian and International markets. When it was launched in March ofthe Nano was regarded as the hottest thing on four wheels.

Positioning the Tata Nano (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

TATA considered and implemented some feasible and beneficial collaboration with organizations, which were compatible with the offerings of the company. Only the basic model was priced at 1 lakh while the other variants CX and LX were priced atandrupees. Tata Motors Limited acquired Daewoo Motor’s Commercial vehicle business in for around USD $16 million.

Nano is the cheapest car in the World – retailing at little more than a motorbike. Whilst the World is getting ready for greener alternatives to gas-guzzlers, is the Nano.

Branding Strategy is Very Important [Case Study: Tata Nano] by. And therefore, it doesn’t feel “cool” to own or even see a yellow Nano.

Positioning the Tata Nano (B)

Now if Tata’s are aiming to make Nano another platform for commercial taxis, then yellow is alright. Social Media Marketing Intern, Programmer.

Traditional way: (cost plus, cost price + a markup over cost price = SP and the markup is their profit). Tata Nano strategy is cost minus (SP-cost = Profit). More cost reduction means more profit. This. Tata Motors is now rethinking its strategy. Can the Nano woo back customers, or is it too little, too late?

the Nano’s marketing has recently taken off. ended on an upbeat note, with. At the road show, people also can get the experience with Tata Nano by have the opportunities to drive the Tata Nano car before purchase it. Channel of Distribution Strategies Direct marketing channel (zero-level channel) Manufacturer Customers We perform the Tata Nano in Malaysia by selling it directly to customers.4/4(5).

The case focuses on positioning a new brand, the Tata Nano. The car has been widely publicized as the world's cheapest car at Rs.1 lakh.

Students must consider the gap between the ultimate target, the huge emerging middle class of Indian consumers, and the limited capacity and distribution available in choosing a target.

Marketing strategy of tata nano
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Marketing Case Study Tata Nano. Case study: Tata Nano by Jessy Ko on Prezi